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I have classes currently ready to be filled with eager apprentices – Caregiver-Baby Massage, Food Allergies and Sensitivities, and Faithful Workouts. Scroll down for more information.

Be sure to read through the list of past classes to see the types of classes I offer and Contact Me to be notified when a class is available.

I can offer online video classes, so even if you’re not local, let’s see what we can work out.

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Caregiver-Baby Massage Courses

  • Registration is a 2-day commitment Prenatal and postnatal are welcome in this class.
    Learn a full-body massage routine for baby. Promotes wellness and deepens communication. Learn tips and techniques to ease common infant woes. Great for any caregiver to learn!  Bring a blanket for baby on your lap. Baby can be massaged during class or you can simply listen and observe if you or baby don’t want to massage/be massaged as the class is happening.Class price is $45 per adult/baby, ($10 additional adult) for 2-class session (2 sessions required to cover all material). Includes book, handouts, folder, oil, and lots of SUPPORT.

    Class options are:

    • Option ONE:  March 17 and 19, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
    • Option TWO: March 17 and 19, 10-11 a.m.
    • Other locations and session options can be discussed and added by request. I can come to your location to do a class for your group.

    Please use the registration page for the class schedule you wish to sign up for.

    Gather a group of friends and book a class, or come as an individual.  Men and women welcome. Couples welcome.


Food Allergies and Sensitivities – Making Sense of the Struggle – Holistic Options

Food allergies rock your world! They rocked mine. In this class I will help you take an active and empowering role in your daily struggle with this “sensitive” topic (pun intended).  In the class you will:

  • Learn about the ingredients in the foods you eat.
    • I will share with you lists of things to watch for, especially common things that can fall under a different name.  Manufacturers can change ingredients in their products without notice. If you have to be mammal free like me, there are many things to look for that you would not generally think of. I learned much of this by experience and can help you avoid some of the hardships.
  • Learn the importance of telling anyone preparing your meals about your food sensitivities, depending on the severity of your symptoms.
    • That includes family, friends, and waiters. At restaurants, it’s always smart to speak up about your sensitivities since many times unsafe ingredients can pop up on your plate without your knowledge and navigating the menu can be confusing.  I will help you make this easier.
  • Learn how to stock your pantry with safe foods and appropriate substitutes to keep you on track and to reduce cravings.
    • This is a fun topic.  There are so many options out there now that were not available just 10 years ago.
  • Learn some holistic options for reactions when they are not anaphylactic.
  • Learn a simple way to keep a health journal.

Bring your questions. I will have plenty of resources if it cannot be answered in class.


  • OPTION ONE: Daytime class
  • OPTION TWO:  Evening class
  • $8 per person (adults)
  • register now    (there are no classes scheduled; request days and times and a class can be formed on any day Sunday through Friday)



I want to begin working out with groups of people with the same goals as me: To stay fit and healthy, both spiritually and physically.  If you have ideas for times and days, please send feedback, and I can begin a program series at my practice location.  I have been a part of the Faithful Workouts program for a couple years, and I have gone through the leader program.  I will use this program for the workouts I lead.  Below is what Faithful Workouts is all about:

I’m Michelle Spadafora, and I want to personally welcome you to Faithful Workouts! I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1984 and have met so many people who struggle to consistently make healthy choices. I’ve listened to their frustrations and wanted to offer them a program that would allow them to reach their goals. While praying, I felt like God was asking me to take a totally new approach to fitness. It’s because of the stories from people like you and from God’s prompting that I created our Faithful & Fit Plan.


I created Faithful Workouts to be a place where you can come and strengthen your relationship with God while you strengthen your body and mind – a place where you can find great workouts for all fitness levels, receive simple, practical nutrition information, and connect with a real community who knows that the journey to better health is more about encouraging each other and less about being perfect. If you want to get (and stay) healthy for the long term alongside a community who will cheer you on, then you’re in the right place.

Again, if you have ideas for times and days, please send feedback. 

Kids Nutrition 101 for Parents (will teach this class by request)

Learn why making even simple menu adjustments can lead to kids who feel calmer, sleep better, wake up easier, weigh less, have tantrums less, and study more.

Would you like to turn around a picky eater, know where to save money for healthy snacks, how to minimize junk and create whole food eaters, be prepared on the go without stress, learn how to travel with food, and create habits to last? This is not just for the now, but for the future.  ALL HEALTH now will reap good or disaster in the future.

Come prepared to interact with your ideas during the session as well, because we all learn from one another.
I home schooled my children, traveled much with them, from birth to college. It is challenging, yet worth all the effort when I see them repeating the habits we created.


  • $12 per person (adults)

Meals and Movement ( will teach by request ) 

  • Face Toning/Sugar Detox: 
    • Face toning and Face mapping basics: would you like to learn a non-invasive alternative to Botox, surgery, and expensive creams.  Facial exercises and stretches will result in less toxins, more moisture, and tighter skin.  Make funny faces with purpose! I will also show some ways to improve eyesight (eye strength and tone).
    • The second half of class will be desserts without sugar, honey, molasses, or artificial sweeteners…YES! they can still be sweet and delicious. (Tasting some goodies will be part of the class) Cure your sugar craving and need. Create new habits. Learn the empowerment you have inside you.
  • Thursday, May 2, 6:00p.m.-7:30p.m.
  • Outdoor Health & Fitness/Dutch Oven Goodness: 
    • Move that log, and exercise in the great outdoors, with nature as your gym equipment.  What are the things we can use in the outdoors to make things more interesting while exercising? How do you make the outdoors part of your exercise? We will answer these questions.
    • While exercising outside, a meal can be cooking.  Create a new love for cooking in the great outdoors.  Learn to use cast iron in your back yard or camping.
  • Joy of Movement/Carefree Meal Planning and Prep:
    • Joy of Movement will take you into a child-like moment. I will show you some low impact exercises to clear your lymph, create short interval exercises during break times in a work day, during time waiting for meals to cook, or other breaks in the day, and help ignite your unique release.
    • Do you have a love/hate relationship with cooking and finding creative ways to make a meal? Do you want to have meals ready for on the go? Do you want to learn how to pack and cook on a trip?  The crock pot can become your best pal in the kitchen. I will also show some things for travel with a crock or an insta-pot or aroma steamer (the fast crock pot)—traveling with these is the best thing I have done for saving time and money on a trip, and eating healthier.
  • Cost:

other ideas or suggestions? There are so many options for classes. Request your ideas

What’s out there? Becoming a Naturalist  (will teach by request)

  • Connect with nature in rural, city or somewhere in between.
    • Before nature detectives: “There is nothing in my backyard”, “That is just a playground (empty lot, etc.)”…
    • After nature detectives: “OH, wow, there are surprises everywhere out there”, “There is a whole other world out there”…
  • Join me on a journey through the seasons, and just beyond your doorstep, to find the naturalist inside all of us.   The journey will be different for each one of us. The discoveries will be unique to each one of us. The experience will last a lifetime.

Programs will include:

  1. Many ways to be a nature detective and log nature (where is nature? different ways to log nature, such as poetry, journaling, listing, storytelling, collections, and sketching, tuning into the senses);
  2. The sky
  3. Safety in nature

Month by month discovery activities to awaken any age.   March through May, a summer program, September to November, and winter program.  Each program session will last according to the discoveries, and location (1-2 hours).  All ages are welcome (literally).

Bring binoculars, hats, bug repellent, sunscreen, etc.

I will provide notebooks, pencils, color pencils, magnifying glasses, scissors, erasers, and field guides (for looking plants and animals up).

  •  Sample Schedule as follows:
    • Spring program:
      • Friday, 2:30 p.m., city mall
      • Friday, 2:30 p.m., Russellville City Park
      • Friday, 2:30 p.m., Bona Dea Trail Head
    • Continuing programs for summer: summer day camps each month (2-3 days, one week per month, 1-3 hours each program day)
    • Autumn and Winter programs
  • Prices: $8 per person, per day.  If you register for the entire season program and pay in full,  $4 per person.  Family discount: $6 for first person and $4 per each additional person, per session. Registration

NOTE: If you would like me to bring these adventures to a group in Russellville, Perryville, Morrilton, Clarksville, or Conway, please contact me and we can work out a plan.  I want to spread this education everywhere I can.



Payment Information:

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Cancellation Policy: Full payment is due upon registration. Cancellation more than 24 hours before 1st scheduled class will receive a 75% refund; less than 24 hours notice, or no show, will receive a 50% refund of class fees paid, with exception of emergency or death-related situations.