Community Service

There are charities listed that need creative people to donate.
God Bless you all today.


My family volunteers to this mission to help the poor and needy in our community. It is such a blessing to have this mission in our midst.

Please consider donating regularly to them…monetary or good stuff, not junk. This kind of mission helps those who have had fires and are rebuilding their lives, those who have had circumstances leading to financial burdens, those who are yearning to gain skills for a better job, those who just need some spiritual and mental encouragement, and the list goes on. We have all found ourselves in one of these categories. We all need a place like this to support and to use when we need it.

Angel Tasks

Dare to reach out….Dare to discover……Dare to Dream
Dare to be an Angel
Practice Daily Acts of Kindness!

This is a personal journey with an open invitation. A journey of discovery in learning more about my world around me and myself through breaking down the individual walls we are prone to develop in this individual society we live within. Committing to doing not so random random acts of kindness each day. I invite you to share in what I learn, and if you dare…… to join me.

Choices in Russellville and Abundant Life in Morrilton

I am a volunteer at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Russellville and help with the banquets at both Morrilton and Russellville. These places are amazing, saving lives and renewing spirits daily. I encourage you to visit and get to know them. If you know someone who may need counsel or help in pregnancy, pre to post, please send them to Choices in Russellville or Abundant Life in Morrilton.